How to track affiliate links

how to track affiliate links

Event Tracking course: In this week's video we take a look at how you. Manage and track all your links and commissions in one place! your questions, and prove to you why ClickMeter is the best tracking tool for affiliate marketers. Keeping track of your affiliate links can be a pain, logging in and out of sites to get your links to share on social media or in blog posts.


Track Clickbank Affiliate Links & Commissions in LInkTrackr

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By avoiding page based redirects, which is the current trend in masking affiliate links, we avoid any issues with permalink conflicts, and therefore avoid any performance issues. The "return false" statement is required for link tracking. Give us a holler! Pretty Link Lite Dieses Plugin nutze ich sowieso schon auf den meisten meiner Affiliate-Websites, da man damit Links maskieren kann. I am using redirection plugin, for the same purpose. Das ist sehr gut. You can again do a little test here, go back to our affiliate product and click castle cat the Buy product button, we have redirected on and now in our real time reporting, we should see a new event with our affiliate link clicked. This is the best tool you will ever find because we are the most reliable and featured. Diese sind teilweise auch sehr ausführlich. Contact us Support clickmeter. Ich verdiene mit Affiliate Marketing mehr als 2. how to track affiliate links